Building Inspections Brisbane

The Most Effective Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane has to offer

Urbanbuild Co. is a professional building and pest inspection company located in Brisbane. Their services include pre-purchase building inspection and pest and building inspections. All works are handled by our licensed and entirely independent team that do building and pest inspection Brisbane wide.

Building inspection Brisbane starts by assessing the site’s condition. Our inspectors start at the foundations, analyse the landscape and drainage system to identify if there are movements or failure in the footings. All aspects of the structure’s dwelling are checked for faults, defects and even hidden damage that can become a real liability as time goes on. The entire building will be inspected from top to bottom, and our inspectors will give you a full rundown of all the work that would be needed  to fix your building.

After the external pre-purchase building inspection, an internal building inspection is done. The building inspection Brisbane assessment will assess and identify problems from appearance to services issues. Safety items like smoke detectors are checked during pre purchase building inspection. Our licensed inspectors will provide you with a definitive report for you to make informed decisions on your potential purchase.

When it comes to pest inspection Brisbane, Urbanbuild Co. is recognised for its friendly, efficient service. It is highly recommended to have your building checked annually to make sure that your foundations and structure are safe guarded from pests. Our licensed inspectors carry out the best pest inspection Brisbane has to offer, identifying the damage caused by pests on your prospective property.

It is the thoroughness of the pest inspection Brisbane customers consistently comment on.  Urbanbuild Co’s pest inspection experts use moisture meters and thermal imaging to alert them to hidden pests that can travel inside the wall cavities of the building. Urbanbuild Co. will provide you a full detailed report on where the pest activities were found and if there is activity found, what work is required to repair the damage and prevent more pests from entering your establishment in the future.

Urbanbuild Co’s pest inspection Brisbane service is truly comprehensive. No stone is left unturned in assessing the real risks involved in making your potential purchase. The combination of our pest inspections and building inspections Brisbane give you the essential information to buy right. When you consider that the real money in property is generally made when you buy well, it pays to have the best pest and building inspections Brisbane has to offer.

Urbanbuild Co.’s building and pest inspection Brisbane offers high-quality services to ensure you are paying for what you are really getting…The unedited version. Potential purchasers have been able to negotiate significantly lower purchase prices or demand damage repairs prior to signing on the dotted line thanks to our pre-purchase building inspection. Call Urbanbuild Co. now to find out more about the best most effective pest and building inspection service Brisbane property purchasers are raving about.

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